Key Concepts

Elevate Your Wedding Business courses are designed around two key concepts that are critical to the success of any wedding business.

1)  The Ideal Couple Cycle – Every process within your business is focused on your ideal couples and is designed to consistently exceed their expectations.  A properly built and managed ideal couple cycle will generate you more and better bookings, all with less effort.

2)  The Customer Journey – The couple's customer journey starts the minute they decide to contact you and their journey is guided by your business processes and systems.  This journey shapes their customer experience, and when done right, leads to a better conversion rate, more raving reviews, and more referrals. 

For more details on each of these key concepts, see below or feel free to contact us to discuss further.

The Ideal Couple Cycle

Creating and properly maintaining this cycle is extremely important to almost every wedding business, since referrals can mean the difference between failure and success.    

The basic steps to creating a great Ideal Couple Cycle in the wedding industry are as follows:

  1. You determine who your ideal couples are for each of your business offerings
  2. You design your marketing to attract them and you market where they visit
  3. You lead them on a customer journey that exceeds their expectations
  4. You deliver an end product that exceeds their expectations
  5. You exceed the expectation of the other vendors you are working with

If done properly, you increase your referrals of ideal couples, which leads to warmer inquiries, which leads to a higher conversion rate.  It also reduces the amount of time and money spent on marketing, getting you more bookings with less effort.   Each year this builds, it helps to create a much more sustainable and enjoyable business.

It all sounds simple.  Yet to build and maintain this cycle takes proper research, planning, and an understanding of systems and processes that will support your plan.  Elevate Your Wedding Business courses are designed around the Ideal Couple Cycle and will provide you tested ideas and teach you how to more easily apply those tested ideas to YOUR specific wedding business.


The Customer Journey

The customer journey starts the minute the couple decides to contact you.  How you respond and how well you set, manage, and exceed expectations from that point forward, shapes their customer experience.  It is important to remember that this is likely their first time getting married, and planning something of this magnitude.    

This means that when that couple does contact you, they are looking for what you offer AND they need a guide to lead them on the journey from inquiry to delivery of your product or service.  So, in addition to giving them a great end-product, you must also: 

  • Set, manage, and exceed the couple’s expectations throughout their entire journey
  • Take charge and be their guide through the entire customer journey 
  • Have business processes tailored to your ideal couple’s expectations
  • Have systems that support the consistent delivery of those business processes

The experience your couples have during their customer journey with your business shapes their overall customer experience.  And their overall customer experience is what determines the level of raving - both in reviews and in referrals.


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