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wedding pro education that is -

practical & applicable

Elevate Your Wedding Business offers educational options that are packed with information and guidance showing you how to apply what you learn. 

A much more targeted and effective learning option than podcasts, blog posts, or educational events.


designed for you

Have a specific process that needs help, take a business foundation class.  Ready to take your business to the next level, take a business elevation class.

Online learning designed specifically to fit your wedding business needs and education budget.


focused on your success

Education created by successful wedding pros with years of small business experience and designed to energize your businesses Ideal Couple Cycle.

Learning aimed squarely at making your business more efficient, more profitable, and thus, more sustainable.  


Your passion, talent, and skill are integral to your success.  However, in today's crowded wedding market, that just isn't enough.

A successful business comes from an incredible end product and an incredible customer experience!
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Your marketing gets couples to find you.  Now, learn how to exceed their expectations and deliver a customer experience that will turn couples and other vendors into your raving fans.   

Each online class has a pre-class questionnaire to get you thinking, then a 15-20 minute video with detailed learning, and finally a post class worksheet to guide you in applying what you learned.

Online Learning that is:

  • Specifically designed for Wedding Pros
  • Delivered in perfectly-sized pieces for busy lives
  • Available at your pace and schedule
  • Focused on building better businesses
  • An incredible value with classes starting at only $20!

Now is the Time!

Give your wedding business the boost it needs! Improve a process, fix a problem, or elevate your business in so many other ways!

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